Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wait For It...Damn Right I Did. (Rotten Apples)

So Voxhaul Broadcast has had a fair amount of indie buzz for a long while now.. I first heard them in 2008 and my Lastfm and Pandora stations have been playing the same two songs for that entire span, and like a good music junkie I kept my ears peeled and what did I hear in 2011? That same efffin' song I been hearing! "Rotten Apples" but now its as the lead single of a full length project. I wanted to be mad, but really I can't muster much rage because the album is pretty damn good. Also calling it Timing Is Everything makes me think they agonized over its release more than anyone else could have though  I haven't decided whether the lyrics of  "Rotten Apples" make the whole situation more or less ironic.

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